Janie Johnson, Author

Obama 2012 Slogans Rewitten by Janie Johnson

This book lays open Obama’s often misleading campaign in a unique, entertaining and revealing way!

Janie Johnson

 Janie Johnson, Author

Obama 2012 Slogans Rewritten

by Janie Johnson

"Biting Political Humor on a Foundation of Truth, Patriotism, and Wisdom"

Janie Johnson unmasks Obama’s political agenda and urges readers to see President Obama and his radical policies as they truly exist!

~ “We don’t call them “illegal aliens”, we call them “unregistered Democrats”!

~ “45.8 million on food stamps – only about 255 million to go!”

~ “To whom much is given – much can be taken!”

~ “Obama has a dream – you wouldn’t like it!”

~ "Our Tax Policy: You make it; We take it"

~ "We can turn parasites into victims - and buy lots of votes!"

Contains nearly 1,000 slogans now available in Paperback & Kindle


Publisher: RTR Press LLC
Pub. Date: December 6, 2011
ISBN-10: 0984881905

ISBN-13: 978-0984881901

Paperback Pages: 192

Nearly 1,000 Slogans!

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