Janie Johnson, Author

Don't Take My Lemonade Stand - An American Philosophy has special sections to help parents teach their kids to think for themselves. Use it to take control of who teaches our kids and what they are being taught.

The path to peace and prosperity is described in these pages.

The issues are critical, and the time to take back Our Country is now!

The quality of American government has been deteriorating since it began. Our founders attempted to limit this deterioration by limiting the authority of the federal government. They knew that government could not control itself and that politicians (like everyone else) would pursue self-interest... more

Janie Johnson also provides an analysis of the philosophy that opposes Conservatism. It tells what Liberals believe in, why they say they believe it, their stated goals, the flaws (as Janie sees them) in their thinking, and the final objective (or lack of same) of Progressivism. The idea here is to compare and contrast Conservatism with its archrival to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of both philosophies.

Janie Johnson, Author

Reviews, Testimonials & Appearances

Janie Johnson on Hannity's Great American Panel

Janie Johnson's book, Don't Take My Lemonade Stand - An American Philosophy, tops the Sean Hannity Reading List...

– December 8, 2010

"If kids had read this book a generation ago, we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in today!"

– Steve Forbes, President and CEO of Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes magazine

"Often the best education for youngsters comes outside the classroom, especially when learning the foundational precepts America rests on. This may be a book for children, but their parents can benefit from it as well."

– John Bolton, 25th United States Ambassador to the United Nations

"What I call this is sort of a Free To Choose for kids. For me, Milton Friedman’s Free To Choose is my basic economic bible of the way the markets work and the way they don’t work."

– David Asman, Fox News and Fox Business News

Janie Johnson on FOX BUSINESS NEWS

"Want to know what makes this country great? Read Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand and you will see how capitalism has been the engine for our country’s success, freedom and prosperity."

– Lou Holtz;  football coach, sportscaster, author, and speaker

"Janie Johnson understands what makes America great and she explains it in terms that even our children can understand. What a great gift to parents looking for a way to reinforce the lessons they’ve attempted to teach their kids about the wonder of this nation, its political and economic systems, its Constitution and the liberties it guarantees. This book couldn’t be timelier, as this nation is under systematic assault and in desperate need of a reawakening to the principles that have made it a “Shining City upon a Hill."

– David Limbaugh, Author and Attorney

"Thomas Jefferson once wrote: "My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government." It is with this Jeffersonian notion in mind that Janie Johnson frames her book, which is meant for those looking to teach children the principles of hard work, money and limited government. Amusing illustrations represent the differences between liberal and conservative ideologies by contrasting a hard-working individualist and an overweight lout living on the government dole."

– The Bookshelf recommendations by William Fry, Townhall Magazine

"For parents who embrace a conservative philosophy and want to pass it on to their children, particularly those old enough to be asking questions of the direction the nation is taking, capitalism versus socialism, differences between Republicans and Democrats, then I would recommend Janie Johnson’s Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand: An American Philosophy."

"This is one of the best books on these fundamental topics I have read in a very long time and it is written in a fashion that any teenager can understand (and smart pre-teens, too) and enjoy. As noted in my recommendation of “Generation iY” above, it is essential to get this new generation involved now if we are to have a future in which widely accepted American values continue to guide the nation."

– Bookviews by Alan Caruba, Bookviews.com

Janie Johnson on FOX and FRIENDS

Read Review by W.J. Rayment / Conservative Bookstore, as posted June 2010, in The Conservative Monitor.

"Usually when I finish a book I am reviewing, I write my review quickly while everything is fresh in my mind. Something stopped me on Janie Johnson's Don't Take My Lemonade Stand. I am calling it divine providence, as you will see.” Read full review

– Len Semas, Publisher Sierra Sage Magazine

"Janie Johnson's book truly is a 100% American philosophy. Our country was built on guaranteed individual liberties, limited government authority, a constitutional republic form of government, and the economic system of Free Market Capitalism. Our founders gave their property, their wealth, their families, and even their lives, in large part, to escape the oppression of big government. Every citizen can benefit from reading Janie's book and applying the lessons of history to current-day politics, governance, and life."

– Gary E. Adamson; Three Rivers, Michigan

Janie Johnson on FOX and FRIENDS

"In far too many classrooms across America students are blatantly brainwashed by liberal and Marxist thought. Janie Johnson's Don't Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy repudiates the sophistry of the left, presents in easily understood terms the thoughts of our founding fathers and the constitutional basis of our Republic. Every parent should read this book and help students comprehend the historic benefits of small government and individual responsibility and freedom. (P. S. Liberals should read it, too – Conservatives welcome intelligent debate and Conservatism is not a four-letter word.)"

– Dr. Robert Ruppel; Educator, Minden, NV

"While reading Don't take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy, it never really occurred to me that those attacking Capitalism are not trying to fix the flaws in Capitalism, they are advocating for central planning by elites. They want to replace Capitalism, (letting millions of people making millions of decisions decide my fate), with Central Planning, the elite few politicians deciding what and how much I can make and do. Haven't they studied the historical failures of Socialism?"

– John McNamara, Irvine, CA

"I really needed this refresher course, Don't Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy, but my kids needed it more."

– Maria McNamara; Irvine, CA

Janie Johnson on FOX Buusiness News

"Every parent owes it to their kids to have them read Janie Johnson's new book Don't Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy. Kids don't yet know not to believe everything they are fed by the liberal media today. This book will help everyone who reads it to think for themselves."

– Bob Thompson; Salem, Oregon

"At a time when the government has "socialized" the banking, insurance and automotive industries, Don't Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy is a timely reminder of the cornerstones of capitalism on which our country was built. The key to past economic recoveries has been small business entrepreneurs creating jobs. In these tough economic times, we need to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. Janie Johnson's analysis and depiction of capitalism proves that our free enterprise system is one of the key pillars of our nation's foundation."

– Lynda Mahorter; Reno, NV

"Don't Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy is a must-read for parents who care about protecting freedom for future generations of America. Our children deserve to know exactly what our Founding Fathers intended as the role of government in this great country. Janie Johnson has reminded all of us, in a simple way, why America is Except-ional and worth defending in her easy to understand text, parables and summaries. I am so grateful for the family discussions we now have as a result of this timely book. My children particularly related to the lemonade stand illustrations that so aptly describe why Common Sense Conservatism truly works. Don't Take My Lemonade Stand is about empowering every citizen of America to actively take responsibility for their choices. Thank you, Janie Johnson, for this amazing book!"

– Wendy Caragher; San Diego; CA

Janie Johnson appears on FOX Stradegy Room

"We love that there is finally a book that presents such a complex subject in easy to read language. We consider ourselves to be informed voters, however, we learned something new in almost every chapter."

– Chris and Mary Boston; Yakima, Washington

"This book by Janie Johnson will give the average person the information to explain to their children why we "believe" what we intuitively know is right. Janie Johnson's book will give anyone who reads it, enough ammunition to shoot holes in the politically correct/progressive gospel that is being forced upon us daily and has no basis in reality. I would recommend this book to everyone, even if only to refresh us on the basic fundamental principles of "Our Founding Fathers Conservatism."

– Kevin Thomas, Business Owner, Pasco Washington

"There are so many books out there to help parents teach their kids about morals, behavior, drugs and alcohol. This book is a much-needed aid for parents to teach their children about the government and political process. I, for one, cannot wait to share it with my children!"

– Teresa Rose, Gardnerville, Nevada

"Having read this book I realize as a veteran of twenty years that not one of the political books I've read include showing our children how to determine which political persuasion we believe in. My daughter ask me the difference between Liberals and Conservatives a few years ago and I wish I had Don't Take My Lemonade Stand to help me explain it. This has to be the most informative book for parents to help their children understand the difference in the political parties that I have ever read. As a former school board president I would recommend this book as part of any middle school curriculum to prepare them for the liberal leaning courses they will surely encounter in college."

– Ron Boger, Vincennes, Indiana

"I really needed this refresher course, but my kids need it much more. I love the illustrations. The lemonade kids give words to our kids to fight back against Liberal emotional sound bites. The illustrations provide our family talking points when we sit at the kitchen table."

– Chris Thomas, Evansville, Indiana

"I never really thought about the shenanigans and the flaws of progressivism or liberalism or politics until it was so clearly laid out in Don't Take My Lemonade Stand – An American Philosophy. We the people simply cannot afford more taxes."

– Karen Shin, Simi Valley, California

"I love Don't take My Lemonade Stand's focus on children, patriotism, and optimism. Janie Johnson's unique brand of Conservatism, Common Sense Conservatism, makes sense. Her book offers a refreshing change from all of the negativism and general nastiness of politics. When she adds her focus to the traditional conservative values of individual liberties, limited government, support of Capitalism, and morality, one can really put together a great philosophy not just for politics and government, but for life."

– Brent Thomas, Benton City, Washington

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